St. Johnís Evangelical Lutheran Church is a traditional, liturgical, Biblical congregation, committed to ministering to sinners with the forgiving presence of Christ.

We are Traditional. That means we donít try to reinvent the wheel here. We have a high regard for that which has gone on before us in the Christian Church and we honor those men and women of the faith who walked before us.

Furthermore, we are Liturgical. This means we use traditional worship forms that have served Christís Church faithfully in generations past. Here at St. Johnís we use The Lutheran Hymnal also known as TLH. We have communion on the first and second Sundays of each month using ďThe Order of Holy CommunionĒ from TLH. On the third Sunday, we follow ďThe Order of MatinsĒ for our worship service. And on the fourth and fifth Sundays we follow ďThe Order of Morning Service.Ē We make use of other services at different times throughout the year, and when we have evening services (Advent, Lent, and a few other evening services throughout the year).

Finally, and of most importance, we are also Biblical. We believe that God, the creator of heaven and earth, has spoken to all of humanity through the written Word that has been recorded in the Bible. We use such terms as "inerrancy" and "infallible" to describe the Bible because we believe it to be Godís Word. It contains no errors nor will it lead you astray.

We have a number of groups within our congregation which take time to study Godís word, have fellowship, and serve St. Johnís in many and various ways.  To find out more use the link above marked Groups.