St. Johnís Lutheran was organized by a group of German settlers from Cedar Mills, Acoma, and Boon Lake areas.

1892 The first divine worship and meetings were held in a public school house Ĺ mile east of the present church.
1892 A Parsonage was built on 4 acres of land in Section 34 of Cedar Mills Township, Meeker County
1894 A School house, 18 x 28 feet, was built (this portion is still used today).
1896 The congregation purchased another acre of land and built a 30 x 50 ft. church building.
1923 A new Parsonage was built.
1945 It was decided to erect a new house of worship. The new church with seating capacity of 435 was completed in 1950, and serves as the current house of worship today.
1953 A Teacherage was built which provides housing for the School Principal or Teacher.
1966 The congregation officially joined the Missouri Synod.
1978 A two-room addition was added to the School building.
1991 Construction started on a new Entrance to the church, and was finished in 1992. This addition provides an elevator, large reception room, office and bathrooms on the main floor and a Chapel in the basement area.
2007 A new insulated steel roof was added to the church.
2009 The day school was closed.